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Empowering pastors, coaches and leaders to take your faith, story and message and grow your ministry or business through writing. Learn how to write or have us write in collaboration with you for a finished book in 20 weeks or less!

  • Are you a passionate Christian or a dedicated pastor with a story burning within you, eager to share your faith, experiences, and wisdom with the world? Do you feel the calling to write a non-fiction book but find yourself overwhelmed by the journey ahead?

    At Red Cord Publishing, we understand the power of words and the impact your story can have on others. We are more than just a publishing service – we are your partner in bringing out your unique God given message.

  • About Us 

    We started as a passion to help pastors get their powerful messages from God out into books so they could reach more people. After ten years it's now time to turn this passion into a service that can reach the world. We are a brother and sister in law duo that has been impacting and revolutionizing the way Christian authors write. We believe in the profound impact your voice can have on the world and we are here to make it known!



    With a decade of experience exclusively in Christian literature, we know that your message is not just another book – it's a powerful testimony. Our extensive experience allows us to bring a depth of understanding to the nuances of faith-based writing that generic services simply can't match.


    More than just a service, we offer a customized process through our personalized coaching and professional publishing services. Your journey with us is finely tuned to echo the distinctive nature of your message.


    From manuscript evaluation to editing, formatting, and cover design, we handle every aspect of the publishing process. Our experience ensures that your book meets industry standards and stands out on bookshelves.

    Your book done in 12 weeks or less! Discover how.

    Whether we teach you how to write or whether we write it in collaboration with you, you can have a finished book in 20 weeks or less!

  • Contact Us


    Cody Persell

    Cody, equipped with an English major and a Master's in Curriculum Development, has dedicated over a decade to assisting pastors in transforming their messages into books. Beyond his role in guiding Christian writers, he devotes time to his daughter and actively serves in his church.

    Autumn Anesi

    Autumn, a certified Life Coach with six years of teaching and coaching expertise, has discovered her calling in guiding Christians through the intricacies of the writing and publishing journey. Outside of coaching, Autumn delves into marketing strategies and takes care of her son at home.

    Our services

    Comprehensive Writing Support

    Experience personalized coaching sessions that go beyond writing techniques – we delve into the biblical dimensions of your message, ensuring it resonates with the hearts of your readers. Prefer not to tackle the writing process solo? We offer collaborative writing services, crafting the book on your behalf.

    Professional Editing 

    Our team of skilled editors help you refine your manuscript to reflect the essence of your faith-filled narrative. Our seamless editing ensures that your message is delivered with the utmost quality, while preserving the authenticity of your voice.

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    Interior Formatting

    Your words deserve to be presented with aesthetic precision. Our formatting experts meticulously craft each page, ensuring a visually appealing layout that complements the tone and style of your writing.

    Book Cover Design

    In the crowded world of books, your cover is the first chapter of your story. We understand the pivotal role a book cover plays in capturing attention and sparking curiosity. Elevate your book to a visual masterpiece with our collaborative design.


    From manuscript to market, we handle every step of the publishing process. Our platform gets your work distributed to all the big names in the bookstore industry.


    This includes innovative marketing strategies that go beyond conventional methods, leveraging digital platforms and creative campaigns to ensure your book captures the attention it deserves.

    What people say

    It has truly been a pleasure working with the team at Red Cord Publishing. I know I’ve felt overwhelmed at the thought of writing and publishing my own book. The team at Red Cord Publishing, however, has been very helpful with giving me the guidance and the step by step game plan that I needed to actually make progress on my book. I definitely feel overjoyed knowing that I am a published author. Thank you again Red Cord Publishing for helping me write my first book!

    Andrew J Martinez

    Powerful Digital Solutions

    I strongly recommend working with Cody and Autumn! They have an extensive and specific program that will give you much clarity on the outline of the book. It has been this process that finally gave me a blueprint and a lot of clarity. Cody and Autumn are both professional and empathetic. They know the process of book-writing very well and they will help you create a valuable product that will impact people’s lives. They are absolutely amazing!

    Monica Manniesing

    I need to thank Cody Persell. Your enthusiasm, mixed with an incredible set of skills, has literally turned me into a published author. You truly are a wizard, and I would be lost without your help. I appreciate your patience and willingness to see my vision even when I couldn’t always picture it myself.

    Julie Bresette

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