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Julie Bresette

In "What Blooms From Ash," author Julie weaves a compelling tale of resilience and healing in the face of anxiety and depression. This powerful novel offers a mirror to the struggles of its characters, providing a roadmap for understanding and empathy. It's a poignant journey through the complexities of the human spirit, demonstrating how, even from the depths of despair, hope and new beginnings can bloom. Essential reading for young adults, this book is a testament to the transformative power of overcoming adversity.

AJ Martinez

Powerful Digital Solutions

Does the thought of setting up a new website for your business overwhelm you? Just as you wouldn't build a new house without a blueprint, likewise every new website starts with a plan. It is possible to use the power of AI to plan out your "website blueprint" within 24 hours. There is no technical or design experience required. You'll learn how to make AI your "digital advisor" in helping you come up with the right name, colors, fonts, pages, and other details for your website.

Julie Bresette

Life was happy for Less when she was a child. It was simple - no HOMEWORK and no RESPONSIBILITIES. Imaginary friends were truly IMAGINARY. Now as a teenager about to finish high school, Less’s seemingly boring life is interrupted. Her childhood imaginary friend wasn’t actually imaginary but a ancestor with a family assignment that could radically alter the world! Join Less as she discovers her heritage and the meaning of family and true friendships - those that accept you for who you really are!

Thomas Reedy

In Wrestling with God: Evangelicals and the Holy Spirit, Dr. Thomas Reedy suggests that many American Christians today have forgotten the third person of the Trinity--the Holy Spirit. Through biblical support and personal experience, Reedy encourages Christians to re-examine their interpretation of the Scriptures concerning the Holy Spirit and exhorts believers to pursue the fullness of God.

Chris Ward

This book offers a comprehensive journey from self-discovery to achieving personal aspirations. Begin with the crucial steps of understanding and embracing your unique path as you learn to take responsibility for your life and craft a vision that aligns with your deepest values. Each chapter builds upon the last, teaching you to set smart, achievable goals, foster a focused and resilient mindset, and cultivate habits that propel you toward your life vision.

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