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Finished Book Package

Tailored Excellence, Complete Confidence

Your manuscript deserves the world’s attention, and we’re here to ensure it gets just that. With our Finished Book Package, Red Cord Publishing empowers authors like you to seamlessly transform your ideas into a professional, polished, and market-ready book. Whether you need the entire suite or only specific services, we'll tailor this package to your exact needs.

What’s Included?

     Editing: Refine your manuscript with our experienced editors who not only perfect grammar and style but also enhance the message to resonate with your audience.

Interior Formatting: Create a seamless reading experience with layouts that captivate from the first page to the last, ensuring your message is delivered with clarity and impact.

 Book Cover Design: Attract readers instantly with a cover that embodies your book’s core message, designed by our team of creative visionaries.

   Publishing: From ISBN acquisition to distribution, we handle the logistics so your book is available worldwide in print and digital formats.

Why You Need This Package

  • Expert Guidance: Our team brings over a decade of Christian publishing expertise, ensuring your book aligns with your vision and the marketplace’s demands.

  • Time Savings: Avoid the maze of self-publishing. We streamline the entire process, freeing you up to focus on writing and connecting with your audience.

  • Professional Quality: Ensure your book stands shoulder to shoulder with bestsellers. Professional Quality: Ensure your book stands shoulder to shoulder with bestsellers.

  • Personalized Service: Whether you're a pastor sharing your ministry's journey or a coach or leader imparting wisdom, our services are tailored to your brand.

  • Market-Ready: With global distribution channels and strategic advice, your book will reach the right readers, expanding your impact.

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