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''How To Write your book in 12 weeks or less using our proven Author Shortcut Strategy''

(Unlock the secrets to completing your book in just twelve weeks or less with our proven strategy – your fast track to creating lasting impact. Our tried-and-true strategy paves the way for a simple and successful book-writing journey.)

Our FREE Mini Course will help You have the exact tools you need to write an engaging book.

You’ll discover:

  • How to overcome those fears holding you back from getting started.

  • How to organize your writing in a system that can't get lost or disorganized.

  • How to find your target audience and keep that audience engaged throughout your entire book.

  • The best way to outline your book to create structure and flow and beat writers block!

  • About Your Coach

    Cody Persell has been a writer, teacher and entrepreneur for over twenty years. With a Masters in Curriculum Development he brings you his best with his proven strategy and framework. The very framework he has used to write and publish his own books he uses to help multiple aspiring authors just like you!

    He started helping pastors turn their sermons into books and now does everything from ghostwriting to cover design. He can help you turn your message into a book, your idea into reality.

    About Us 

    Red Cord Publishing

    Welcome to our journey—a mission sparked from a passion to empower the voices of Christian leaders. We are Cody and Autumn, a brother and sister-in-law duo, who have been revolutionizing the way Christian authors share their powerful messages. Our story began over ten years ago with a simple yet profound desire to help pastors transform their divine inspirations into books, extending their reach beyond the pulpit and into the hearts of people worldwide.

    Answering God’s call, we evolved this passion into a full-fledged service, aiming to make a global impact. Autumn, armed with a certification in Life Coaching and a rich background in teaching and marketing, thrives in navigating Christians through the nuances of writing and publishing. When she’s not coaching, she’s strategizing marketing techniques or enjoying precious moments with her son.

    Cody’s journey in literary crafting is backed by a degree in English and a Master’s in Curriculum Development. With a decade of experience in helping pastors articulate their messages on paper, he’s dedicated to guiding more Christian writers to do the same. Outside of work, Cody is a devoted father, and on the pastoral leadership team at his church.

    Together, we believe in the transformative power of your voice to make a profound impact on the world. Let us help you share your story and inspire others. We are here to support you in making your voice known.

    What People Are Saying About This Training

    ''The team at Red Cord Publishing, has been very helpful with giving me the guidance I needed to go from thinking about writing a book to actually writing it. The weekly coaching sessions and homework gave me the step by step game plan that I needed to actually make progress on my book."

    Andrew Martinez

    ''Autumn and Cody have been a godsend in a way that no one else has been when trying to get help with writing my book. I loved the fact that there was accountability and weekly meetings scheduled to keep me on point. I would recommend their services wholeheartedly to others and plan to work with them again in the future.

    Michael Kolinksy

    "I strongly recommend working with Cody and Autumn! They have an extensive and specific program that will give you much clarity on the outline of the book. It has been this process that finally gave me a blueprint and a lot of clarity."

    Monica Manniesling

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